Towards the end of February this year, Heart of Kent Hospice sadly experienced a theft of one of their furniture vehicles at their premises in Aylesford. During the theft, a considerable amount of damage was done to their gates, so we at GKW Wrought Iron Ltd offered to support them by providing and installing a new set of gates. Along with the support of our suppliers, we were able to provide the Hospice with the below gates this week.

David Dadswell at Heart of Kent Hospice, kindly sent us the below few words:

“I would very much like to extend a heartfelt thank you from the entire Hospice team as the generosity of your support has been greatly appreciated and will have an impact on all who not only visit the shop on regular basis, but everyone who uses the Hospice as the savings can now be redirected into funding the continual services we deliver to the local community.

Karle mentioned how he was motivated to support us, knowing many people who have used a Hospice in the past and the work from GKW and your suppliers who I understand also contributed to project should all be proud of how something great has come out of what was initially a loss to the Hospice.”

All of us at GKW are proud to have been able to support Heart of Kent Hospice in this way.

Read more on the Heart of Kent Hospice website: Thank you to GKW Wrought Iron for replacing our damaged gate (